Joao Rivera Morla “E n k h i”, was born in New York City, USA,  March 1993. He emigrated to the Dominican Republic at a very young age, in his teens years  he traveled to Caracas, Venezuela where he stayed for a season , and then later he returned to New York.  

At the age of 18, he entered the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), to become  a medical Doctor , completing his studies in 2019 with honors, a process that would prompt him to become a surgeon, but at the end of the same year he would meet the dilemma, if the operating room was really his passion? , or was pursuing the stage his true love ? the answer to this day is:  “music is my happiness.”

His name “Enkhi” is born from his fascination with the Mesopotamian culture, and its mythological deities. Hand in hand with BassBreaker (Angel Perez) & El Jay Mundial (Emil Mendoza) who are his musical producers, they have created singles such as; – Al natural, – En una noche  and -Sola. 

According to Enkhi, each of his songs  are stories that develop previous experiences lived by himself. – “Each of my songs are the beauties, falls and pleasures that love has left me. Each one has a beginning, middle and end, so by choosing this structure, I want you to listen to my story and understand the result of who I am”.